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Breastpump Hire and Sale

We are stockists of Spectra Breastpumps

You can Hire and Buy pumps from us , as well as buying spare parts and flanges.

If you require assistance urgently please contact Anne by sending a text via her mobile on 0423109559.

If you require more clarity in regards to which pump is best for your circumstances &  want to find out more about the right size flange you can also book one of our Breastpump Preorder sessions - the investment is $40 and is fully redeemable when purchasing a pump from me.

Evolve Midwifery Spectra Hire

Spectra S1 & S2 Hire

Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Pump

Breastpump Hire

Contact us to hire or text here for urgent requests.

Pick up from Deakin OR delivery via Uber on request - additional costs apply.


Hire costs:

-Double set attachments 2x $29.90

- Hire fee $40/week


If you are choosing to purchase a S1,S2,DualS pump after hiring we offer $25 off the purchase price.


Breastpump Sale

We have the following pumps in stock- purchase in ACT only.

Contact us to find out more.


  • S1: $379

  • S2: $299

  • S9: $249

  • Dual C: $299

  • Dual S: $439

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