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Hi, I'm Anne Endres.

I am the Founder and Director of Evolve Midwifery Services.

Evolve Midwifery Services has come to life as a result of my long standing passion in Midwifery and Lactation.
Since first supporting families when I started as a private Midwife in Germany in 1997 the world has changed so much.

I have been able to develop my unique skills in all areas of Midwifery and Lactation through relevant professional experience as well as lived experience as Mum of three.
Life has taken me and my husband Michael with our three growing up daughters to many places and each place has given me a different insight and learning.

From our home country Germany, to New Zealand, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Alice Springs and Canberra - wherever I worked as a Midwife, the needs for care varied, but what remained unchanged was that new Mums and new families need providers with the ability to meet them where they are at, support them unconditionally with kindness & respect and assist them on their journey into parenthood.

I have immense gratitude for the trust I experience daily in my work- being invited to your individual journey is always an honour.

I have a strong background in Continuity of Care models and have supported thousands of families in my career, whilst Evolve Midwifery currently doesn’t provide birth services, we still believe in building strong relationships that make you feel heard and respected during pregnancy and after your little one is born.

What sets Evolve Midwifery apart is the philosophy of bringing together excellence in care, decades of relevant professional experience, unique skill sets and weaving the layers of support holistically with the woman and her family at the centre of the care.

We collaborate with other services seamlessly and have a  trusted referral network available to assist with any of your care needs.

Do you want to find out more?
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